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Sandwich Maker

Sandwich maker not only has rich functions, can meet our different taste needs, but also has higher efficiency, which can improve our full breakfast in a short time.

Sandwich Making was Never so Easy! Take Sandwich-Making to the Next Level with Duomi’s Nonstick Detachable Sandwich Maker.

Sandwiches have become an integral part of our breakfast, and at times, lunch routines to the extent that we cannot imagine our culinary life without them. But then, for something as crucial as sandwiches, why use just any sandwich maker? Sandwiches are important, and so is the machine that makes them! So, your sandwiches deserve the best.

At Duomi, we understand this and manufacture the best-quality nonstick detachable sandwich makers to make both sandwich-making as well as sandwich-eating a delightful experience. We offer feature-rich and technologically-equipped sandwich makers that resonate with the routine needs of our Chinese consumers.

At Duomi, we believe in delivering quality through an approach that features continual innovation and manufacturing research-based products that precisely meet your demands. 

Our nonstick detachable sandwich maker isn’t an exception to this approach of ours. We manufacture sandwich makers that offer several features and thus simplify, and in fact, enhance sandwich-making for you. Please take a look at some of the essential features of our nonstick detachable sandwich maker.

-Two plates, making it an apt machine for making sandwich and waffles

-600W powerful system

-Quick heating (cooking temperature)

-Double cooking plates for a crispy outer part and tender inner part

-Nonstick plates

-Easily detachable plates

-Easy cleaning


-CE CB ROHS certification

-Personalized food function

Partner with Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co. Ltd! Reasons that make us the Best in the Market

Guangdong Duomo Electric Technology Co. Ltd isn’t just a nonstick detachable sandwich maker manufacturer but a sustainable partner across the small appliance manufacturing space. 

Our product range, incredible product quality, exceptional features, latest technology, and above all, the extensive research that drives the products to make us the best small appliance product manufacturer across the vast and competitive consumer appliances manufacturing space of China. Here are a few reasons that make us the right choice for small home appliances in China.

1.State-of-the-art small home appliance manufacturing facility in China

2.Quick, yet promising growth as one of China’s leading small home appliance manufacturer in just six years

3.Efficient manufacturing practices and the latest small appliance manufacturing technology

4.Dedicated research and development center to research products, consumer demands, and design products that make a difference to our consumers’ lives

5.OEM/ODM services at your disposal.

6.Strict quality assurance protocol and processes to guarantee the highest product qualities and compliance

7.Qualified and experienced research, design, and manufacturing team

8.Broad range of small home appliance products

9.Competitively-priced kitchen appliance products to ensure our products are affordable for everyone

10.Eight highly efficient and productive assembly lines

11.KC, GS CERT, ETL, E2-FCC, TUV, SAA, Q5 CB certifications

12.Extensive network of distributors spread throughout the length and breadth of China

When it comes to small home appliances, including nonstick detachable sandwich makers, Duomi is the name you can bank on. Excellent product quality, amazing features, and competitive prices make us a partner with a difference. So, for more information, or to talk to our experts, connect with us at  +86 18665423669, or write an email to us at

Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

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