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Keep-fit secret to avoid being fat

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I have a keep-fit secret to avoid being fat in winter.

Although I want to eat more, “but” I want to have a slim body.

Now, Duomi can help you to solve this problem ------Air fryer

oil free

Let’s have a look for our example:

Cheese shrimp

cheese shrimp

Food preparation: Shrimp, flour, cheese, black pepper

First step: Set 5 minutes , 180C to pre-heat an air fryer, this step is very important to keep food smelly and crispy.

Second step: During pre-heat, clean shrimp and remove shrimp intestines. Then cut shrimp to 2 parts, put black pepper and condiment accordingly to your favor.

Third step: Shape flour (crisp flour) in same square (Size: can cover a shrimp ), then cover a cheese.

Final step: Put units into pre-heat finished air fryer, adjust temperature to 180C, set 10 minutes and wait 10 minutes ....... Wow ...... Yummy freshly baked cheese shrimp ^_^

food preparation

less oil food

Health, keep fit, less oil food can fulfill your keep fit and healthy life.

healthy life

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