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Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electrical home appliance manufacturer. We are a energetic and creative company established in 2015 with Registered Capital RMB 10 Million.
We have a total area of 12,000 square meters and over 300 employees, integrated with an independent R&D center and 3 professional laboratories, 8 assembly line manufacturing plant. We specialize in small home appliances, as well as offer OEM/ODM service.

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Latest News

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    Multi cooker can cook many different delicious

    Today is really busy like a bee, I must treat myself.Today's delicious lunch is fried riceThis lunch is cooked by this multi-purpose pot. Let's see............................�#Fried rice# �.............................•Food ingredientsRice, Korean chili sauce, pickle, 1 egg, 1 piece of cheese, ham

    21 05 2020
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    Get a good lunch in office with electric lunch box

    A sofa-with-chaise or L-shape configuration is an ideal setup for letting one or two people read, nap or just relax. This cozy configuration defines a dedicated conversation area while still leaving room for a coffee table in the center. Another tip: Sectional names are based on how

    18 08 2020
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    Made korean food with my new multifunctional pot

    Today, I made Korean food with my new multifunctional pot. It's super simple. Put in your favorite ingredients, including vegetables, meat and ramen. It's so happy!Ingredients:Instant noodles, Flammulina velutipes, Lentinus edodes, cabbage, bean curd, shrimp, crab fillet, broccoli, pickled vegetable

    12 09 2020
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    Every day is full of ritual

    Every day is a shadow of the past day, except for the small surprise of a moment in the festival. Fortunately, it is the most ceremonial and warm thing for me to drink tea every day.

    23 10 2020
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    Keep-fit secret to avoid being fat

    I have a keep-fit secret to avoid being fat in winter.

    29 11 2020
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Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional electrical home appliance manufacturer.
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