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Multi cooker can cook many different delicious

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Today is really busy like a bee, I must treat myself.

Today's delicious lunch is fried rice

This lunch is cooked by this multi-purpose pot. Let's see

multi-purpose pot

............................�#Fried rice# �.............................

•Food ingredients

Rice, Korean chili sauce, pickle, 1 egg, 1 piece of cheese, ham slices, mushrooms, chives, white sesame, chopped parsley

food ingredients

fried rice


Add a little salt to the egg and break it up.

Pour oil into the pan, pour in the sliced ham and mushrooms, stir fry.

Then pour in the hot pickle and stir fry

Pour in the rice and mix well

Another spoonful of Korean chili sauce, stir well

After the rice is fried, put it into a bowl and press it. Pour oil into the pan and put the rice upside down

Pour the egg around the rice and fry over high heat until the egg is set

Finally, sprinkle with green onion, cheese, cover and simmer for a while. Remove the lid and sprinkle with white sesame and chopped parsley. My fried rice is ready


I hope all the disappointments in your life can be please by a simple and delicious food.

simple and delicious food

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