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  • [Blog] Keep good shape with portable juicer

    Summer is coming, we can wear beautiful skirts and dress, we love to eat sweet things. But how to keep good shape? How about a cup of healthy and fresh juice? It can eat sweet things freely and not get fat. Let’s make a cup of juices by ourselves. Here comes the LIFE ELEMENT portable juicer K9,

  • [Blog] Getting an electric kettle,the winter get warmer

    Winter is coming, the weather get colder and colder. I love to drink some healthy flower tea in this time.

  • [NEWS] Shock!!! Briefs boiled in a hotel kettle? You need this kettle!

    some time ago, a crazy news "hotel kettle boiled underwear" is discussed fiercely online. Once you see this awful news, you probably dare not recall the previous experience of staying in a hotel, and dare not use the hotel kettle again in the future! The story featured a middle-aged woman, who after returning to the hotel for a wash after a trip, dropped her dirty underwear into a kettle and began to boil it after expertly switching on the electricity.

  • [NEWS] The 29th Shenzhen gifts and home fair

    As the domestic economy has been hit hard by the epidemic this year, many manufacturers, suppliers and entrepreneurs are looking for partners on various platforms to gain access to trade and development opportunities. Today (Nov. 20, 2020) the 29th China (Shenzhen) gifts and home fair opened in Shenzhen international convention and exhibition center. as the largest and longest held gifts and household items trade fair in Shenzhen China, is undoubtedly an important opportunity for all exhibitors.

  • [Blog] Keep-fit secret to avoid being fat

    I have a keep-fit secret to avoid being fat in winter.

  • [Blog] When you tired,a cup of tea can make you relaxed

    The cold wind is bleak, do you need a cup of warm health tea while still working overtime at the company? Does your tabletop have too many items to hold a large kettle? I recently discovered a treasure product in the reality TV show, so many beautiful women stars are using it !

  • [Blog] Multi cooker can cook many different delicious

    Today is really busy like a bee, I must treat myself.Today's delicious lunch is fried riceThis lunch is cooked by this multi-purpose pot. Let's see............................�#Fried rice# �.............................•Food ingredientsRice, Korean chili sauce, pickle, 1 egg, 1 piece of cheese, ham

  • [Blog] Cook whatever I want with air fryer

    After I bought an air fryer, I can cook whatever I want. Now let’s show you how to finish easily and simple breakfast in 10 minutes. Let’s do it.

  • [NEWS] Life Element entered the Industrial Development Pavilion of Shunde

    "In the future, Life Element will focus on this concept, continue to follow the direction of intelligent, miniaturized and high-quality product research and development, grasp the trend of upgrading consumption of healthy small home appliance market, constantly optimize products, and provide consumers with healthy quality life by creative technology and original design."

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