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Electric Kettle

Electric kettle adopts steam intelligent induction temperature control, which has the function of automatically powering off after the water boils and preventing dry heating. The electric kettle has the advantages of fast heating speed, good heat preservation effect, strong filtering function and many styles.

Buy High-End and Technologically Enriched Electric Kettle with Duomi, the Top Electric Kettle Supplier in China

Electric kettles form an integral part of every modern kitchen. They are quick, efficient, and facilitate rapid heating of water, tea, coffee, medicine, etc. So, if you’ve got a guest at your home asking for a cup of coffee, no one but your electric kettle proves your best friend! At Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co. Ltd, we are among the topmost electric kettle suppliers in China. We manufacture sturdy, durable, highly efficient, and energy-saving electric kettles for your domestic cooking and heating needs.

At Duomi, you find a range of electric kettles for sale, owing to our product range. However, the features we offer through our electric kettles equally contribute to our reputation as the top electric kettle supplier in the market. Please take a look at the general features of our electric kettle products. For more detailed information on the features of each product, click on the above links.

-Adoption of steam intelligent induction temperature control

-Automatic power off after water boiling to prevent dry heating

-Quick heating and excellent heat preservation effect

-Strong filtering function

-Electronic touch control

-Auto programming

-High borosilicate food-grade glass cup

-360-degree heat gathering plate

-Low noise cooking

-140 degree thermal shock-resistant

-ABS outer shell

-Stainless steel inner layer

-Accurate multiple temperature control

-Designed for high efficiency

-Energy-efficient operations to optimize energy-savings

12 Reasons that make us the Best for Electronic Appliances in the Market

At Duomi, we’ve quickly become a brand with a difference! Incepted only six years ago, we are a young team of experienced, passionate, and qualified electronic appliance manufacturing professionals. In a short span, we’ve become one of the top electric kettle suppliers and have achieved a remarkable electric kettle sale in China.

Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of distributors and a promising consumer base across China. Please take a look at some of the reasons that make the best in our line of business. 

1.State-of-the-art manufacturing facility

2.Excellent product quality

3.Strict multiple quality check processes to ensure world-class product quality level

4.Exclusive R&D center comprising qualified research professionals that conduct extensive research to further foster the development of exceptional small appliance products.

5.Facilitation of OEM/ODM services

6.KC, GS CERT, ETL, E2-FCC, TUV, SAA, Q5 CB certifications that guarantee a certain level of product quality

7.The best and the latest small appliance manufacturing technology

8.Qualified and experienced design, production, and execution team to ensure product excellence

9.Broad range of kitchen appliance products to match varying cooking needs

10.Affordable and competitively-priced kitchen appliances

11.Eight highly efficient assembly lines for optimized production

12.Extensive network of distributors spread across the country for quick and efficient distribution

As one of the best electric kettle suppliers in China, Guangdong Duomi Electric Co. Ltd. has every capability to deliver product excellence and ensure customer delight. And, we’ve proved it time and again. Our quality certifications and rewards, and recognitions talk about our capabilities. So, allow us to serve you. Connect with us through, and place your order NOW!

Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

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