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Air Fryer

Get the Best Frying Effect with Duomi’s Digital Control Air Fryer!

Partner with the best digital control air fryer manufacturer in China. Yes, none other than Duomi to buy the top-quality digital control air fryer manufacturer. Our efficiently designed and highly functional digital control air fryer replaces hot cooking oil in the frying pan with air. It heats the food with convection similar to solar hot air. The machine forms hot air in the closed pan and facilitates the rapid circulation of hot air to cook the food. It blows away the moisture on the food to give the ingredients an effect similar and as effective as frying them.

As the top digital control air fryer manufacturer in China, we focus on delivering our consumer needs. We do so through extensive research that, in turn, enables us to manufacture highly functional and efficient product designs. So, when it comes to buying digitally-controlled air fryers for home-based use, choose no one else but Duomi!

We do not just manufacture products, but deliver value through them. As a result of this approach, our digital control air fryers come with several competitive features that include,

-Efficient arch design

-Small and highly functional body

-3-liter capacity

-Five-bladed fan

-Built-in micro switch

-Non-stick coating

-Easy to clean

-Rich digital display with a real-time display of time and temperature

-Incredible 12 functions for optimized functionality

-CE EB ROHS certified

-Automatic detection of the state of the food

-Built-in intelligent monitoring system

-Cooks various types of foodstuffs in a matter of minutes!

-Available in multiple colors. So, aesthetics too, covered!

Partner with Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co. Ltd! Reasons that make us the Best in the Market

Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co. Ltd isn’t just another small home appliance manufacturer in China. We are a company with the distinction of manufacturing top-quality professional electric home appliances to meet the varying culinary needs of our consumers in China. Please take a look at some of the reasons that make us the best.

1.Rapid, and promising growth in a short span of time

2.Ultra-modern manufacturing setup

3.Highly advanced small appliance manufacturing technology to deliver the highest efficiency level

4.Exclusive R&D center to facilitate extensive and dedicated research that further translates into the design and development futuristic of consumer products.

5.OEM/ODM and excellent after-sales service

6.KC, GS CERT, ETL, E2-FCC, TUV, SAA, Q5 CB certified products to guarantee the highest quality levels

7.Multiple and rigorous quality assurance process to deliver reliable products

8.A team of 300 people comprising qualified, and experienced research, design, and execution team

9.Comprehensive range of 10 products with more than 150 models

10.Competitively-priced and affordable electrical home appliance products

11.Eight comprehensive and highly efficient assembly lines 

12.A widespread network of distributors to ensure our products reach every corner of the country

As China’s leading digital control air fryer manufacturer, we are here to serve you and happy to be your partner! All you have to do is connect with us experts through, or call us at +86 18665423669.

Guangdong Duomi Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

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