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5L Ultrasonic Stand Disinfect Sterilize Cool Hot Warm Mist Humidifier

►Cool mist & hot mist,250-300ml/hr.
►Top-filling water, easy to refill.
►5L large capacity for 25m² room.
►3 mist levels,1-12hours time setting,40%-90%humidity setting.
►With essential oil container
►Power off when lack of water.
  • C18-H

  • life element

  • FOB $26.4

  • FOB $24.5


Get Duomi’s Highly Efficient, Quiet & Technologically-Equipped Ultrasonic Air Humidifier at a Competitive Price!

At Duomi, we are one of the leading ultrasonic air humidifier suppliers in China. We manufacture highly efficient ultrasonic humidifiers that leverage high-frequency vibrations rather than a noisy fan to provide humidifying benefits without really creating any commotion about it! No wonder we’ve become a preferred ultrasonic air humidifier supplier and have won the hearts of our consumers with electrical appliances that precisely deliver what they want.

Our product 5L Ultrasonic Stand Disinfect Sterilize Cool Hot Warm Mist Humidifier is an exceptionally advantageous product that offers several outstanding features, creates the appropriate humidifying effect, and optimizes the purpose of using an ultrasonic humidifier. Please take a look at the features of the 5L Ultrasonic Stand Disinfect Sterilize Cool Hot Warm Mist Humidifier.

General Features of Duomi’s 5L Ultrasonic Stand Disinfect Sterilize Cool Hot Warm Mist Humidifier

Our feature-rich 5L Ultrasonic Stand Disinfect Sterilize Cool Hot Warm Mist Humidifier is a remarkable product and a result of extensive research, efficient product design, and the latest manufacturing technology that focuses on delivering value. 

Product Specifications

Model NumberC18-H
Ultrasonic Humidifier
Mist Output (ml / h)260-360
Warm mist+Cool mist
Power (W)230W
Voltage (V)220V or 100V
CertificationCE CB Rohs
TypeUltrasonic Humidifier
InstallationTabletop / Portable


5L top filling humidifler supplier

room humidifier

top-filling water Humidifier

hot/cool mist mixture

filling water on top

With essential oil container

LED humidifier

smart constant humidity control

personal air purifier

esk humidifier


Product Size (mm): 195×195x305mm

Gift Box (mm): 233x230x347mm

Master Carton (mm): 481x475x367mm

Packing Inside: pcs/Carton

Inbox Accessories: filter*1pcs

    Lead time

    Lead time45 days

    Why Choose Duomi for Small Electrical Appliances in China?

    At Duomi, we’ve climbed up the ladder and become the leading ultrasonic air humidifier supplier in China in a very short time. Some of the reasons that have helped us build such an unmatched reputation and credibility include our top-quality, and well-researched, and value-driven products and the approach that involves continual improvement. However, many other reasons make us the best in the market. Some of them include,

    1. Excellent, durable, and sustainable electrical home appliance products

    2. Ultramodern manufacturing facility for high production output, and superior quality products

    3. Multiple quality checks that do not allow compromise on product quality.

    4. An exclusive research and development wing that conducts extensive research relating to consumers’ concerns at the micro level, design department that designs products that resonate with consumer needs, and manufacturing section that translates them into reality

    5. World-class manufacturing technology for excellent output

    6. Qualified and experienced product designers, line workers, and strategists to deliver product excellence and enable us to outgrow our competitors.

    7. A broad array of small electric appliances

    8. Competitively-priced products to ensure excellence reaches every household of China!

    9. KC, GS CERT, ETL, E2-FCC, TUV, SAA, Q5 CB certifications to ensure a guaranteed level of product quality

    10. Eight highly efficient assembly lines for optimized production and to meet ever-increasing demand for our products.

    11. An extensive network of distributors spread throughout various corners of China

    12. Value delivered and happy customers!

    When it comes to quality, features and product efficiency, Duomi is the best ultrasonic air humidifier supplier. To know more about our 5L Ultrasonic Stand Disinfect Sterilize Cool Hot Warm Mist Humidifier, talk to our experts at +86 18665423669 or write to us at

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