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Life Element entered the Industrial Development Pavilion of Shunde

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In recent years, with the development of science and economy, the protection of intellectual property has been attached great importance by the state. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights and promoting economic development through science and technology have become a solid foundation for China to enhance its economic strength and international competitiveness.

① Strengthening intellectual property protection, opening of Shunde Industrial Development Pavilion

In response to China's call to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, the Shunde Government officially opened the Shunde Industrial Development Pavilion to showcase shunde's development history and achievements in the field of industrial science and technology to the world, and to demonstrate the pioneering spirit of Shunde's enterprises in pursuit of innovation.

Industrial Development Pavilion of Shunde

With a total construction area of 6,303 square meters and the theme of "Made in Shunde, Proud of China", here the world has witnessed the strong strength of Shunde enterprises and the rise of an innovative city full of hard work and wisdom.

②Life Element entered the Industrial Development Pavilion of Shunde to show its innovative strength

Invited by The Industrial Development Museum of Shunde, Life Element will be stationed in the museum to display innovative scientific and technological achievements with a number of famous Shunde local enterprises.

famous Shunde local enterprises.

With strong product research and development strength, Life Element has been unanimously recognized by the industry. This time, Life Element’s more creative, innovative, fashion brand image appearance, showing the strong research and development strength and manufacturing strength, attracted the favor of many on-site audience and the attention of the media.

      In the window of Shunde Industrial Development Pavilion, Life Element shows the hot and cold kettle, tea maker and folding kettle, so that the audience and the media can feel the unique charm of small but beautiful appliances.

kettle, tea maker and folding kettle

These three products show in the pavilion adhere to the consistent product design philosophy of Life Element: intelligence and fashion. At the beginning of this year, Shaohua Xie, CEO of Life Element, keenly observed the trend that people's demand for health consumption increased significantly under the epidemic situation, so she put forward the scientific concept of "healthy food, accommodation and travel".

"In the future, Life Element will focus on this concept, continue to follow the direction of intelligent, miniaturized and high-quality product research and development, grasp the trend of upgrading consumption of healthy small home appliance market, constantly optimize products, and provide consumers with healthy quality life by creative technology and original design."

③Dig deep into your needs to create a healthy and creative life proposal

Our company is a creative small household appliance enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales. Our main business is electric kettle, health pot, electric lunch box, juice maker and other creative appliances. Among them, the market response of portable electric lunch box, folding kettle is very enthusiastic. In this year, Life Element further expands the product line, products from kitchen appliances to health care appliances field, has launched underwear dryer, neck portable fan and other creative health appliances.

Strong product research and development strength is inseparable from the professional research and development team, since the establishment of Life Element has always attached great importance to product research and development, so far has obtained 170 national patents. 

healthy and creative life proposal

mining product advantages

make positive contributions

" All product development of Life Element are based on big data analysis of consumers, accurately targeting target groups, mining product advantages, designing appearance and color matching in line with current consumption aesthetics, in order to create products that meet users' expectations and bring them a healthy and beautiful life experience "Said Shaohua Xie, CEO of Life Element.


The opening of the Industrial Development Pavilion in Shunde promotes the protection of intellectual property rights. In the future, Life Element will actively respond to national policies, continue to increase investment in product innovation and R&D, make positive contributions to promoting economic development, and achieve quality life experience for consumers.

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